YELLOW SPRINGS FARM will share our knowledge and experience with conservation-minded landscape design services with native plants~bridging land and water through art and science.

Beginning in 2022, we are based in Talbot County, Maryland and
service clients in PA, MD and DE.

Celebrating Our 21st Year

"Always in Season"

 Landscape & Design

Our consulting and naturalistic design services for homeowners and businesses emphasize an environmentally-friendly approach to design, plant selection and maintenance with the goals of providing wildlife habitat, improved soils and air quality and less surface water run-off, all for a better quality of life. We provide selective installation services and coordinate projects with local providers and DIY and property owners.

Our designs emphasize a stable, ornamental, low-maintenance site that welcomes people, but also serves the many needs of diverse wildlife. For the cost-conscious, do-it-yourself homeowners, we offer a private consultation at your property. We provide expert advice on property management, aesthetic choices and challenges, plant identification, as well as successful native plant selection during an informal garden meeting lasting about 45-60 minutes. The initial consultation cost starts at $150 depending on needs and location. The consultation fee is credited toward plants and services purchased in calendar year 2022.

 Our Specialties - Design & Restoration

Natural Ponds & Bog Gardens

Woodland Design & Restoration

Riparian and Forested Riparian Buffers

Shoreline Planting

Meadows — Lawn substitutes

Rain Gardens

Butterfly & Pollinator Gardens

Shade Gardens & Deer Resistant Gardens

Conservation-minded landscape design services with native plants~bridging land and water through art and science.


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  • For modestly sized projects, we may install the projects ourselves. For other more expansive designs and installation, we will deliver plants, define placement, coordinate installation, and provide care and maintenance suggestions with you and/or your service provide. We may also coordinate with 3rd party installation providers should that be needed.

  • We will provide plants by special order for our design and consulting clients.